Benfica, Bayern, Roma, Chelsea and Marseille scarves are manufactured in the North of Portugal.

Forteams started by producing labels for garments, but after a crisis in the textile sector, it found an opportunity in sports merchandising. From Vizela, in the district of Braga, it dresses supporters of different colors around the world.

It produces millions of scarves, hats, caps, flags and other sporting props for major European clubs. It supplies these sports merchandising accessories, which are then distributed by other companies that have the official license (the licensors) of renowed clubs such as Bayern Munich, Roma, Chelsea and Marseille.

Currently, the manufacturing unit, which employs 96 employees, has achieved a great achievement. They are the official producers and distributors of Sport Lisboa and Benfica (SLB) scarves for four seasons. “We have the license to distribute the Sport Lisboa and Benfica scarves”, the commercial director of the company proudly highlights to ECO.