"In Nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed"

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier


At FORteams we believe in infinite cycles where there is no loss of value. LOOP is our latest project based on the reuse, recovery and recycling of products that are seen as waste, to ensure that this cycle “doesn’t end here”. LOOP contradicts the linear consumption model of social integration, based on the principle “take-make-waste”. With end-of-life products and from surplus material waste made at FORteams, we reuse and recycle, giving life to new products, whether these are scarves, equipment or any possible item our creative teams develop.

Focus on the customer is paramount and production verticality allows us to anticipate needs. For this reason, Circular Economy and customer dead-stock are two issues that we are able to address. Through the LOOP project, we built a network of strategic partners and, currently, we are able to produce new products based on the residues of all our production processes.