A continuous improvement MINDSET and constant adaptation to the evolution of the sector ALLOW US TO establish strategic plans with suppliers, customers, research centres, organisations and universities. THIS aims at promoting greater possibilities of learning and growth of our teams. FORTEAMS LAB is part of a STRONG AND COHESIVE COLLABORATIVE NETWORK, WHICH IS AN ESSENTIAL SUPPORT TO RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AND ENSURES THE CORRECT IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY IN THE COMPANY.


Based on three strategic axes, planet – people – purpose, Gobal Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Global Compact’s vision is to create a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to promote a fairer, more prosperous and balanced society. On 19 May 2021, FORteams joined Global Compact, and committed to achieving the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as defined in agenda 2030.

textile cluster

The Textile Cluster aggregates about 70 members (companies, research centres) and its activity envolves 5 Special Interest Groups (SIG), namely SIG Sustainable Bio circular, SIG Performance, SIG Digitalization, SIG Skills and SIG Design & Product Development. These groups are an instrument of participative intelligence, aiming at formulating collective initiatives and monitoring programs where participating entities establish win-win relationships. The ultimate goal is to produce and share knowledge to support innovation and competitiveness. In March 2021, FORteams joined this group of companies for the future that are at the forefront of textile research and innovation.


CITEVE is a national and European reference for the promotion of innovation and technological development. Its mission is to support the development of technical and technological capabilities of the textile and clothing industries, through promotion and dissemination of innovation, quality improvement and instrumental support for the definition of industrial policies. FORteams and CITEVE have established close relations for the last 20 years, around  people training and process certification. At present, the cooperation involves partnerships in circular economy, ISO14001 certification and carbon neutrality.


In January 2021, we partnered with Fashion Catalyst to get consulting services to support our internak transformation. The main goal was to train our teams on some of best practice around sustainability in textile and to scale the sustainability mindset to all aspects of our decision-making. The project ended in July 2021. Consultants Ana Costa and Kaleigh Nunes are now strategic advisors to FORteams LAB.


Founded in 1973, the Minho University is recognized by the excellence of investigation, the large scope of graduation and post-grad courses, as well as by its relationships with other institutions.

The Minho University, located in the district of Braga, is one of FORteams LAB main strategic partners. A number of FORteams LAB staff members have completed their education at this institution. The Minho University is one of the main sources of young talent.


With the main goal of bringing in young talent in clothing modelism, FORteams LAB has a cooperation protocol in place with Modatex professional school, which will allow students to explore intership opportunities at FORteams LAB.


FORteams LAB’s partnership with Cenatex professional school aims at bringing mutual benefits. Our company provides senior-year students with the ability to gain their first professional experience. FORteams LAB benefits from the contant inflows of knowledge and creativity.



Fibernamics is an innovation and research insture whose activity involves research on fiber and composite materials. They are part of the Minho University environment,

Fibernamics is a crucial partner for reasearch and product development, as they bringing in their know-how and their ability to find the best-suited solutions in each case. 



Based in the North of Portugal, CeNTI develops investigation activities, tech development, innovation and engineering services in the field of materials and functional & intelligent systems.

CeNTI assists FORteams LAB in creating and developing unique materials and technology with focus on sustainable materials. 


Founded in 1962, FOCOR specialises in chemical product distribution. FOCOR is an essential partner for FORteams LAB as we look to provide fabrics with specific treatements. FOCOR is responsible for performing chemical finishings that enable the products to activate properties that match the specific needs of each project.


HeiQ is a technological center headquartered in Switzerland that provides chemical treatement of products.

Since the COVID pandemic, health and comfort needs brought new demands from the sports apparel products that FORteams LAB produces. This partnership is of extreme importance for FORteams LAB as HeiQ is able knowledge about the needs of external markets.