Innovation, Creativity and Verticality are intrinsic characteristics of the company that have always taken us further. Since the beginning, we have been transforming products and processes to respond to customer needs.

The market has changed, people have changed and knowledge has evolved to a stage where it is clear that we all play an active role in building a tomorrow. Where the Planet matters.


In this sense, we want to be the first sports merchandising company to think strategically about sustainability. Measuring consumption and waste production, with a view to improving efficiency and performance. Our future focus is to deliver new solutions to the market that can be integrated into the vertical ID that is characteristic of us. Sustainability is part of the entire DNA of the company and we want to see it reflected in all aspects of our business.


We know that Sustainability is much more than a word and, therefore, we want to invest to find the right partners for a new path. A more responsible path. Partners available to build new business models that make sense in the era of partnerships and value chain restructuring. On this side, we want to be the trusted partner for the sustainable developments of the future, which responsibly integrate technology and digitalization.


In our company everyone counts. We regard ourselves as textile leaders in the way we integrate Social Responsibility towards our employees and the Community where we operate. The SA8000 certification, which we have proudly seen renewed for several years, clearly reflects our concerns for those who are part of our team. In addition, we actively participate in community and social events, support social solidarity institutions and are responsible in the way we manage our assets and materials.


In the future, we have the mirror for what we want to be. Sustainability, Transparency, Communication, Sharing and Innovation. In this context, we manage the company’s communication from the inside out in a clear and easily shared way. In addition to all social networks, together we created a monthly publication built by everyone and distributed to everyone. A publication that aims to bring the FORteams community closer together. Share news and integrate ideas. We are a sustainable textile ecosystem and we believe we have a word to say and a lot to share.